Swamp Thing

17 Pharast: The Epic Tale of Meepos & Buck-buck
17 Pharast 4710

After meeting one final time with his savior, Dave the Dragon, Meepos set-off to stop the hunting and killing of dragons in the Mwangi Expanse. Before Meepos left, Dave the Dragon gave to him some supplies (a seemingly ordinary lance, a set of dragon-scale armor, and some gold pieces). He also asked Meepos to take the cockatrice, which Meepos quickly named Buck-buck, that had been living in his lair, suggesting Meepos could use it as a mount.

Traveling along the Vanjii River toward the town of Nantambu, they encountered a vine viper snake intent on eating Meepos and Buck-buck. After successfully dispatching the snake, Buck-buck, usually distant and less cooperative, seemed much more willing to trust Meepos’s judgment and do as Meepos directs.

Meepos arrived in Nantambu, a large and friendly city, and met Brenda the tavern wench at Old Mage Tavern and Inn, where he took a room for a week. Stopping to get supplies and Hess and Hess, he met the owner, John Hess right before he vanished, and Helga, his Dwarven shop assistant. Meepos purchased black “paint” and some sealant from a mysterious and evil woman at Michael’s.

On the street outside of Hess and Hess, Meepos encountered a lost boy of about 5 named Aldon who is looking for his mother. After a brief and fiery encounter with what appeared to be an image of a woman, Meepos awoke in his room at Old Mage Tavern and Inn.

Meepos has seen several patrols of Charau-ka throughout the city, seemingly looking for someone or something. They even threatened Brenda causing Meepos and Buck-buck to flee south.

Traveling south Meepos encountered a tall, older woman of about 60, named Mariam, who was dressed plainly and very intent on him. Meepos followed her to warehouse where she showed him into a room and fed them both. Buck-buck seems to trust her implicitly. Mariam told Meepos she would help him disguise himself if he would work in her shop for her while she runs an errand outside of the city that should take her 2 weeks.

His first day in the shop Meepos met a young half-elf rogue named Lyle Quickfingers. Lyle told Meepos of ruins rumored to have an enormous fortune buried in its passages. He has agreed to travel with Meepos when Mariam returns in 2 weeks’ time. In the meantime, he will stay at Foster’s Landing on the outer limits of the city and listen for any interesting bits of information….


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